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Mechatronics Total Solution provider
FESTOONE(Ltd) produces a total solution of hardware, software and teachware for the needs of customers and is building partner ship with first-rate companies in every sector and carrying out its marketing.
We are providing various module-type education kit such as pneumatics, hydraulics, PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), Microprocessor, PC-Based control, Sensor, PCS(Process Control System), Industrial-Humanoid Robot, FMS(Flexible Manufacturing System), MPS(Modular Production System). Based on this, FESOONE(Ltd) has contributed as a leader in the area of automation device for education.

CEO Commtent

In the advanced information area of the 21st century, We, FESTOONE(Ltd), based on its long experiences on-sites and high technology power and ISO9001/2000, are providing a perfect educational solution of mechatronics and factory automation, making it possible for users to get new high-technology efficiently.
Through our experiences and know-how, we provide highly advanced technologies which are most fitted in the selection of education kit products, provision of applications and co-designing with customers.
We created the maximum synergy effect for the needs of our customers.

CEO Min Kyung Sung
1305, Byuksan Digital valley 2nd, #481-10, Kasan-Dong, Kumcheon-Gu, Seoul, Korea
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